ZAPATOS SHOES BY ZAIN SAIDIN firstly founded during mid-year of 2015 by the man himself Zain Saidin. His obsessions toward shoes that lead him co-operating with his business partner to start up this business. ZAPATOS means shoes in Spanish, has been chosen as company brand’s name.

Despites acts as a boarding director, that’s not avoiding him to act as a design-er for his own shoes. “ Feel Like Celebrity,” is the tagline for the company and show-ing how much he want to take this com-pany forward and competing with other brand of shoes in the current market.

At ZAPATOS, we trying to make our shoes collection exclusive in order to compete with other shoes brand in the market. In maintaining it, we will make different designs every time we launched our new collections.

The collections that we launched that will makes our shoes is a must grab by shoes collector, because we will not restock the same design twice in order to maintain our exclusiveness.

We at ZAPATOS will provide our future customer with exclusive designs of shoes at very affordable prices. “100% money back guaranteed,” is our promise to our customer if they think our not shoes com-fortable which is not true.

We at ZAPATOS will make sure the money that our customer spend to buy our shoes is worth the value based on the designs and the comfortableness of the shoes. So, we at ZAPATOS want to make our shoes as a top brand of shoes in the future and hope that we can expand our range of customers in ASEAN region and in the international level in the future.